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Working with high quality models & make up artists on projects such as these, gives a photographer the opportunity to capture images of near perfection on camera.

To date, it has been my pleasure to work with models & MUA's from many countries, including Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland & the UK, &  each of these fantastic ladies have brought something different to the creative process. 

In the studio, the photographer can enjoy full control over every element of the image, from concept, composition & lighting, to props, wardrobe, hair & make-up, but the real art is in capturing the extremes of a model's personality in that one split second.

Equally, shooting outwith the controlled environment of the studio can be both technically demanding & artistically rewarding. The use of natural light enhanced by portable flash equipment to capture a model against a location backdrop offers great diversity & freshness in the content of the images which can be produced.

Be it in contemporary style or as a mysterious Femme Fatale from another era, fine art makeover photography is a highly creative process & great fun to do.

I hope that in creating these images for my projects, I have also allowed my subjects to express themselves in a way they have seldom had the chance to do before, & that whether as part of their modeling portfolio or a talking point on the apartment wall, the end result will be a permanent reminder of the fun they had in the process!


Model: Veronika Vesela www,, Berlin

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Model: Vanity Kills (Club Noir)
Model: Sou DeSade
Model: Pamela R
Model: Tina Warren (Club Noir)

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