For me, aviation photography is about embracing two very strong passions which I have been lucky enough to combine.

My boyhood fascination for aircraft & the magic of flight has never diminished & I suppose it was only a matter of time before my photography reflected this.

Historic aviation has been a big part of my life, having been a member of the crew of an airworthy Catalina flying boat throughout the 1990s, so not surprisingly, World War 2 aircraft in particular captivate me, the combination of the elegant design & the historical significance of these airframes being unparalleled.

Portraying these machines is not about the glorification of war, but about celebrating both the incredible technological advancements made during this period, & the remarkable, bravery of the individuals from all nations who flew them.

It was my great privilege to meet many of them over the years, & I would like to dedicate these galleries to those inspirational characters, to everyone involved in the continued operation of these historic aircraft, & in particular to the memory of Dizzy Addicott, Keith Sissons, Ray & Mark Hanna, Hoof Proudfoot & all of those who I had the pleasure of meeting, befriending & flying with who are sadly no longer with us. 

Blue skies gentlemen. 



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